6 New Courses Just Launched

Today is a great day for us at SoundviewPro—and also for you! We’re excited to announce the addition of 6 brand new courses to our already extensive library of online educational videos. As always, these courses are taught by experts and leaders in their respective fields and are segmented into short videos for on-the-go learning. It is our aim to help those trying to advance their careers by equipping you with the critical business skills needed to succeed both in the office and at home.

Our new courses provide insights into skills such as finding engagement within yourself, achieving happiness between your career and life, international business, managing relationships in your life and work, crisis response, and internal market economics. Read the full course descriptions below.

Start upgrading your skills today!

Engaging Ourselves at Work and in LifeMarshall Goldsmith


If you’re looking to your company, family or relationship partner for engagement, you’re looking in the wrong place. Award-winning author and internationally-recognized executive coach Marshall Goldsmith is here to show you how to find engagement within yourself. Stay motivated, active and let your Mojo radiate to everyone.

Helping Successful Leaders Get Even BetterMarshall Goldsmith


You’ve reached a level of success in your career, but are you happy? World-renowned executive coach and best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith will help you achieve harmony between your career and your life.

Introduction to International BusinessStanley Ridgley


The global economy is no longer controlled by a handful of nations. A business and its leadership need to understand the complex workings of the international marketplace. Dr. Stanley K. Ridgley will instruct you on the political, economic and legal components that drive business around the world.

The Relationship Currency Roadmap®David Nour


Sociologists point out that the average person can proactively manage between 100 and 150 relationships at a given time. David Nour will help you take a strategic approach to identifying, organizing and devoting effort to the relationships in your life and work.

Crisis Response SkillsJames Lukaszewski


Once you’ve mastered the strategies involved in crisis response, you need the skills to stay cool under pressure. James Lukaszewski covers crisis from every angle. Learn how to handle media, activists and litigation. You’ll even learn the path to become a trusted advisor to your leadership team.

Internal Market EconomicsN. Dean Meyer


If your company is under constant pressure to do more with less, there is a better, more strategic method. Stop the cycle of internal and external customers’ limitless demands by implementing Internal Market Economics.

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