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Exciting News at SoundviewPro

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We have great news about our SoundviewPro courses.  Each course now includes additional materials to enhance your learning experience.  In addition to the excellent course videos, we also include quizzes, supplemental documents and slides, course notes, and with some courses bonus tips and tricks.

All these supplemental materials are just $9.95 per course.  This is an incredible value can offer you a lifetime of knowledge.

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SoundviewPro has Launched Two New Courses!

SoundviewPro has launched two new courses to further our commitment of offering the best courses possible for our users.  Whether it is an introduction course to help learn the fundamentals of certain programs, or an advanced course for experts in their fields, SoundviewPro aims to offer courses that appeal to every type of business professional.

First, we have added an “Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2010” course.  This course will give you the basics of being able to handle all tasks in Microsoft Word.  Secondly, Judy Korhak is back with an “Adobe Photoshop” course.  This course will suit anyone who has advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop but would like to brush up on their photoshop skills.

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2010

If you want to work in business, you need to know and understand Microsoft Outlook 2010. This course will give you hands-on experience to master the basics including creating and sending emails, managing a calendar, handling contacts and assigning and modifying tasks.


Adobe Photoshop CC: Advanced

Learn the techniques that will separate your creative projects and advance your career in graphic design. You’ll discover complex filter effects and additional window and tool options. You’ll also learn how to work with animation, video and 3-D text.


New Courses Added Today

Soundviewpro is excited to announce the launch of two new courses.  Furthering our effort to provide our students with the best courses available, we have a couple of new courses that are sure to appeal to you and further your education.

Judy Korchak is back with a new course focusing on the after effects of Adobe and Morag Barrett will be teaching a class on business relationships called “Business Relationships – Moving from “Me” to “We.”

Adobe After Effects CC: Basics

Learn to create visual effects and motion graphics with one of the most popular effects applications in the creative world. This course will teach you everything from how to use the Timeline to basic key-frame animations. You’ll also create masks, work with blend modes and animate basic text.


Business Relationships – Moving from “Me” to “We”

Be a better collaborator and build a “we” mindset in your company. Relationship expert and consultant Morag Barrett provides an insightful look into the Relationship Ecosystem. Find out what creates strong business relationships and how you can build an environment that removes the fear of “we.”




Three Ways Online Learning Boosts Employee Productivity and Company Profits

Online learning is nothing new, but recent trends make it easier than ever for companies to boost employees’ productivity and ultimately company profits. For many businesses, the latest, greatest change has been the advent of MOOCs, or massive open online courses, which offer online classes to thousands of learners. All one needs is a computer, access to the Internet, the desire to learn and time to spare.

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SoundviewPro Now Offers Technology Courses

We are excited to announce the launch of 4 new courses today. That’s not even the biggest news, though—these new courses are our first to cover technology! This is huge for us, since our goal is to provide a full library of business education courses.

These courses are great introductions to Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, iPhone iOS7 and Microsoft Excel. Each course is taught by a tech expert and will prove to be very helpful. If your current or ideal job requires these skills, be sure to sign up!

Adobe Photoshop CC: Introduction

Learn the techniques for one of the most important programs in graphic design. This course will cover basic manipulation of pixels, using the various tools in Photoshop, creating and rearranging layers, basic painting, and correcting images.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Fundamentals

Give your next presentation visuals that can match the power of your words. This course is intended for people who have never before worked with PowerPoint. You will learn the very basic functions of one of the most popular presentation programs in business.


Microsoft Excel 2010: Introduction

Learn the basics of the popular spreadsheet software.


iPhone: Basics (iOS7)

If you recently purchased your first iPhone or upgraded to iOS7 and haven’t learned all of its basic functionality, check out this course. You’ll learn all of the basic operations such as making and answering calls, sending and receiving e-mails, and taking and sharing photos.


New Courses Added Today

Our library of free video training courses is receiving a few additions today. The 4 new courses are all taught by business experts and cover topics such as employee engagement, developing customers for your startup, getting into the entrepreneurial mindset, and making accountability a critical part of your company culture. Read the full descriptions below.

We’re really proud of our current library of courses and are excited to be adding new courses regularly. This round of new courses is the third expansion of our library, and we have many many more additions planned. Stay tuned!

Solving Today’s Employee Engagement ChallengesLes Landes


Les Landes asks a pertinent question to any organization. “When it comes to delivering on the promises you make, does your organization know how to walk the talk?” This course will provide you the tools to empower your employees to deliver on any organizational promise through the ImaginAction System.

Customer Development for StartupsBob Dorf


Why do more than 95 percent of all startups in North America die? Serial entrepreneur Bob Dorf will give you all the tools you need to avoid the startup curse. This high-energy, no-nonsense course will keep your entrepreneurial feet firmly rooted in reality.

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial MindsetFaisal Hoque


You don’t need to start your own business to be an entrepreneur. Author and serial entrepreneur Faisal Hoque believes a true entrepreneur is someone who pursues an opportunity with limited resources. In this course, he gives you the skills to develop thrive in a world of change.

Installing an Accountability-Based Culture for SuccessJulie Miller and Brian Bedford


Accountability is NOT an initiative. It requires a specific set of practices that help you weave it into the fabric of your organization. In this course, you’ll learn how to install and maintain a culture of accountability.

Another Batch of New Courses

It’s another exciting day for the SoundviewPro team! We’ve been hard at work trying to expand our diverse course offerings, and today 4 new courses have just been added.

  • Interested in maximizing your Spiritual Intelligence? Take Cindy Wigglesworth’s course Spiritual Intelligence for Leaders.
  • Want to provide exceptional customer service? Steve Curtin’s new course is all about that.
  • Need to cultivate a more honest company culture? Bob Phillips can help you out in his course Building a Culture of Honesty.
  • Or maybe you need to grow your company brand? The new course by Bryan Mattimore and Gary Fraser is a great place to start.

These instructors have been working tirelessly alongside the SoundviewPro team to put together these great new courses, and we’re all extremely proud of these additions to our great library of business knowledge. Click on the links below to find out more information about the courses and instructors. Or take a look at the rest of our course offerings. Upgrading your business skills is just a few clicks away!

Spiritual Intelligence for LeadersCindy Wigglesworth


There are CEOs that lead organizations with thousands of employees, but individuals such as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were able to secure the followership of millions. How did they achieve it? Cindy Wigglesworth will show you the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) that will help you lead with wisdom, compassion and serenity.

Delivering Exceptional Customer ServiceSteve Curtin


Your organization’s customer service experience can be the difference between a “one-and-done” customer and a “promoter” who will create more customers for your company. Customer service expert Steve Curtin takes you through the seven keys to exceptional customer service.

Building a Culture of HonestyBob Phillips


Transparency is a term that looks great on a Corporate Values Statement. Its much more difficult to practice. Bob Phillips will help you create and model the values that will drive behaviors toward a culture of honesty.

Growing Established BrandsBryan Mattimore and Gary Fraser


Don’t just create, innovate! Take your existing brands to new levels of success by learning the growth strategies and ideation techniques taught in this course.

6 New Courses Just Launched

Today is a great day for us at SoundviewPro—and also for you! We’re excited to announce the addition of 6 brand new courses to our already extensive library of online educational videos. As always, these courses are taught by experts and leaders in their respective fields and are segmented into short videos for on-the-go learning. It is our aim to help those trying to advance their careers by equipping you with the critical business skills needed to succeed both in the office and at home.

Our new courses provide insights into skills such as finding engagement within yourself, achieving happiness between your career and life, international business, managing relationships in your life and work, crisis response, and internal market economics. Read the full course descriptions below.

Start upgrading your skills today!

Engaging Ourselves at Work and in LifeMarshall Goldsmith


If you’re looking to your company, family or relationship partner for engagement, you’re looking in the wrong place. Award-winning author and internationally-recognized executive coach Marshall Goldsmith is here to show you how to find engagement within yourself. Stay motivated, active and let your Mojo radiate to everyone.

Helping Successful Leaders Get Even BetterMarshall Goldsmith


You’ve reached a level of success in your career, but are you happy? World-renowned executive coach and best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith will help you achieve harmony between your career and your life.

Introduction to International BusinessStanley Ridgley


The global economy is no longer controlled by a handful of nations. A business and its leadership need to understand the complex workings of the international marketplace. Dr. Stanley K. Ridgley will instruct you on the political, economic and legal components that drive business around the world.

The Relationship Currency Roadmap®David Nour


Sociologists point out that the average person can proactively manage between 100 and 150 relationships at a given time. David Nour will help you take a strategic approach to identifying, organizing and devoting effort to the relationships in your life and work.

Crisis Response SkillsJames Lukaszewski


Once you’ve mastered the strategies involved in crisis response, you need the skills to stay cool under pressure. James Lukaszewski covers crisis from every angle. Learn how to handle media, activists and litigation. You’ll even learn the path to become a trusted advisor to your leadership team.

Internal Market EconomicsN. Dean Meyer


If your company is under constant pressure to do more with less, there is a better, more strategic method. Stop the cycle of internal and external customers’ limitless demands by implementing Internal Market Economics.