SoundviewPro has Launched Two New Courses!

SoundviewPro has launched two new courses to further our commitment of offering the best courses possible for our users.  Whether it is an introduction course to help learn the fundamentals of certain programs, or an advanced course for experts in their fields, SoundviewPro aims to offer courses that appeal to every type of business professional.

First, we have added an “Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2010” course.  This course will give you the basics of being able to handle all tasks in Microsoft Word.  Secondly, Judy Korhak is back with an “Adobe Photoshop” course.  This course will suit anyone who has advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop but would like to brush up on their photoshop skills.

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2010

If you want to work in business, you need to know and understand Microsoft Outlook 2010. This course will give you hands-on experience to master the basics including creating and sending emails, managing a calendar, handling contacts and assigning and modifying tasks.


Adobe Photoshop CC: Advanced

Learn the techniques that will separate your creative projects and advance your career in graphic design. You’ll discover complex filter effects and additional window and tool options. You’ll also learn how to work with animation, video and 3-D text.


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