SoundviewPro Now Offers Technology Courses

We are excited to announce the launch of 4 new courses today. That’s not even the biggest news, though—these new courses are our first to cover technology! This is huge for us, since our goal is to provide a full library of business education courses.

These courses are great introductions to Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, iPhone iOS7 and Microsoft Excel. Each course is taught by a tech expert and will prove to be very helpful. If your current or ideal job requires these skills, be sure to sign up!

Adobe Photoshop CC: Introduction

Learn the techniques for one of the most important programs in graphic design. This course will cover basic manipulation of pixels, using the various tools in Photoshop, creating and rearranging layers, basic painting, and correcting images.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Fundamentals

Give your next presentation visuals that can match the power of your words. This course is intended for people who have never before worked with PowerPoint. You will learn the very basic functions of one of the most popular presentation programs in business.


Microsoft Excel 2010: Introduction

Learn the basics of the popular spreadsheet software.


iPhone: Basics (iOS7)

If you recently purchased your first iPhone or upgraded to iOS7 and haven’t learned all of its basic functionality, check out this course. You’ll learn all of the basic operations such as making and answering calls, sending and receiving e-mails, and taking and sharing photos.


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