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Disruptive Innovation: Is it Too Disruptive for Your Organization?

A guest blog by Bryan Mattimore and Gary Fraser, Principals of
The Growth Engine Company.

As an innovation agency, Growth Engine is often asked by our clients to help them create “disruptive innovations.” Our clients know that being first to market a breakthrough innovation can create highly-attractive margins and a first mover advantage difficult for competitors to overcome.

However, when we dig deeper into our clients’ wish for “disruptive innovation,” we often discover they don’t want disruptive innovations at all. What they really want is lower-risk new products (or services) that can be created by their existing R & D group, manufactured on their current lines or systems, marketed under their current brands, and distributed through their existing systems of distribution.

The chance of a truly disruptive innovation coming from all these “existing” ways of doing business however is close to nil. The reality is that disruptive innovations are not only disruptive to the marketplace, but can be highly disruptive to the organization as well.

Clients come to see that when they pursue a truly disruptive idea, because of the time, money, and talent required to make that idea a success within an organization’s current structure… it can be a daunting, even seemingly-impossible challenge. Disruptive innovations, more often than not, are:
– extremely time-consuming
– highly ambiguous in the early stages
– fraught with great organizational resistance and political risk
…and often require
– unique and new-to-the-organization talents and competencies
– significant investments
– outside partnerships/relationships and
– a longer-term orientation and commitment

So what have the marketers charged with “innovating the new” at their organization done? The simple answer is that they are working hard to pursue less risky, less organizationally-disruptive innovations that still address important un-met consumer and customer needs.

Growth Engine’s work, on both sides of the disruptive innovation fence, has led us to discover an interesting, even counter-intuitive paradox: disruptive ideas are relatively easy to conceive of – and extremely difficult to successfully innovate. Less disruptive innovations – almost always marketed under an existing brand, but still meeting an important consumer need – are extremely difficult to conceive, and easier to market.

As we know, there are tremendous marketing and media cost efficiencies in leveraging a brand’s current equity. One of the challenges however, is that the brand’s equity can also restrict how far a brand can be extended.

So, how can a creative marketer resolve the seemingly paradoxical challenge of innovating within and for an established brand while at the same time creating something truly unique and valuable to a consumer? The answer lies in using a combination of better, more strategically-focused idea generation with an iterative concept development process in which the consumer is a true partner.
And that is exactly what Growth Engine’s two-hour course Soundview Pro: “Growing Established Brands,” is all about! This course combines:

State-of-the-art ideation techniques that help innovators create exciting breakthroughs that can be marketed under existing brands with  Creative consumer research methodologies that insure these breakthrough concepts address important and compelling consumer needs.

Want to know more? Click on this link Growing Established Brands to get started.

Another Batch of New Courses

It’s another exciting day for the SoundviewPro team! We’ve been hard at work trying to expand our diverse course offerings, and today 4 new courses have just been added.

  • Interested in maximizing your Spiritual Intelligence? Take Cindy Wigglesworth’s course Spiritual Intelligence for Leaders.
  • Want to provide exceptional customer service? Steve Curtin’s new course is all about that.
  • Need to cultivate a more honest company culture? Bob Phillips can help you out in his course Building a Culture of Honesty.
  • Or maybe you need to grow your company brand? The new course by Bryan Mattimore and Gary Fraser is a great place to start.

These instructors have been working tirelessly alongside the SoundviewPro team to put together these great new courses, and we’re all extremely proud of these additions to our great library of business knowledge. Click on the links below to find out more information about the courses and instructors. Or take a look at the rest of our course offerings. Upgrading your business skills is just a few clicks away!

Spiritual Intelligence for LeadersCindy Wigglesworth


There are CEOs that lead organizations with thousands of employees, but individuals such as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were able to secure the followership of millions. How did they achieve it? Cindy Wigglesworth will show you the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) that will help you lead with wisdom, compassion and serenity.

Delivering Exceptional Customer ServiceSteve Curtin


Your organization’s customer service experience can be the difference between a “one-and-done” customer and a “promoter” who will create more customers for your company. Customer service expert Steve Curtin takes you through the seven keys to exceptional customer service.

Building a Culture of HonestyBob Phillips


Transparency is a term that looks great on a Corporate Values Statement. Its much more difficult to practice. Bob Phillips will help you create and model the values that will drive behaviors toward a culture of honesty.

Growing Established BrandsBryan Mattimore and Gary Fraser


Don’t just create, innovate! Take your existing brands to new levels of success by learning the growth strategies and ideation techniques taught in this course.