What’s New at SoundviewPro

We’ve been fortunate over the past several weeks to enjoy guest blogs from our course instructors. We’ve heard from Phil Buckley, Morag Barrett, Les McKeown, John Baldoni and many others. I hope you’re enjoying these posts and would love to hear back from you as to what other subjects and instructors you’d like to hear about.

SoundviewPro continues to grow its catalog of courses, including an expanding line of the most popular software. Please take a minute to check out the course selection at SoundviewPro.

Among our most popular courses:
12 Habits to Create Disruptive Success with Bill Jensen
Building Brand [You] with Cyndee Woolley
How to Create a Memorable Presentation with Joel Worden
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Fundamentals with Donna Zarbatany
Leading Successfully through Challenges and Obstacles with Paul White
And more . . .

We are also continuing to build out the various disciplines, including Leadership, Management, Personal Development, Communication, Tech Skills and others. I encourage you to stop by our course site often to see what’s new.

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